Scripting your video

Writing the script for your video appearance can seem daunting but here are a few quick tips to get you started.  Keep in mind that a 60 second script is around 200-300 words.

    1. What’s the hook?  Can you think of something to draw your viewers in? Often this is you asking the viewer a question, or it can be a startling statistic or fun fact.
      You wouldn’t risk your business image by having an amateur logo, why would you risk your image by using amateur video?
      Did you know that in a recent survey, 60% of respondents said they felt businesses with video content on their site to be more professional and trustworthy than those who just bombarded them with text?
    2. Tell people who you are. Just a single quick sentence to let people know about you.
      Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m a video producer specialising in online video for small business.
    3. What is your business? Write a couple of sentences telling people what you do.
      I work with my clients from initial idea to finished production in order to create great web videos that get their message out to their clients.
    4. Who are your customers? What is your ideal target audience?
      I love to work with forward thinking small businesses who recognise the importance of video in their marketing.
    5. What sets you apart from your competition? Tell us what makes you unique.
      I’m really passionate about helping people communicate with their clients and do everything I can to make the experience as stress-free as possible. I work with you to make sure you always put your best foot forward.
    6. Add a call to action. After all, we usually want the people watching a video to actually do something… so what would that be?
      I love helping people with their video projects so give me a call to arrange a free, no obligation consultation about your next video project.

Once you’ve got a sentence or two down under each topic put them together and try reading it out loud.  This is important because sometime what looks perfect on the page can be almost impossible to actually say in real life. If you don’t feel comfortable saying it, you’ll look uncomfortable and unbelievable on the screen. Keep it as natural as you can.

Change things as needed. Try the script out on someone you can trust to give you honest feedback. Most importantly, try to keep the script simple and natural.

Still not sure where to start? Feel free to give Jeff Kirkland a call any time to talk through your options.