What to Wear on Video

So your going to be on video… what should you wear?


Fine patterns like small spots, and fine checks do weird things on camera. Stick to plain colours if you can.  The same rule applies to ties and scarves – the simpler the better.

Avoid plain white. It usually ends up being the brightest thing on the screen and we want people to focus on you, not your clothing.  If you must wear white, see if you can  substitute something less bright like an off-white or cream.  And it’ll be no surprise that if you are shooting green-screen then you shouldn’t wear anything green.

Avoid shiny jewellery and anything that might rattle. The microphones are very sensitive and will pick up things like rustling bangles or rings tapping on a table top.

Just wear the makeup you normally would when you want to look your best.  If the way you look on camera is especially important to you, then it may be worth hiring a makeup artist or hair stylist for the shoot.  We can help with that if you want.

Still not sure what to wear? Call Jeff Kirkland on 0488 118 857 and he can point you in the right direction.